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code of conduct

1. Be respectful of your fellow Vice City 1896 members, "La Familia" supporters union members, Inter Miami CF (“Inter Miami”) supporters, Inter Miami staff, and other Inter Miami patrons both inside and outside of the stadium, on travel buses, away stadiums and at any Vice City 1896 affiliated events. This includes any visiting supporters groups who remain respectful toward Vice City 1896.


2. Vice City 1896 will not tolerate any sort of discrimination or prejudice or bigotry behavior. We embrace everyone who is willing to support Inter Miami with us, no matter your race, national origin, religion, political views, sexual orientation or gender.


3. Vice City 1896 members shall unconditionally support Inter Miami as well as the South Florida community.


4. When you attend any Vice City 1896 affiliated events, travel buses, the supports section of an Inter Miami Stadium and away match stadiums, please be aware that there may be colorful language and lovely banter amongst other supporters and supporter clubs, however, bigotry will not be tolerated.


5. Violence and illicit behavior are prohibited.  Threats, violence, fights, or any illicit behavior of any sort to fellow Vice City 1896 members or to anyone outside of our supporters union is strictly prohibited.  Instigating or any attempt to create a conflict is a violation of this Code of Conduct. Continued violations may cause the offending individual to be ejected from the Supporter’s Section and possible termination of Vice City 1896 membership.


(b)  Vice City will not be liable for any action, legal proceedings, fines,  or sanctions resulting from any individual’s actions. You agree to release Vice City 1896 from any liability and agree to be personally liable for your actions and any of your guests.


6.  Throwing objects at the field or in the direction of fans or supporters will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  It is a danger to the well-being of everyone present (group members, regular fans, security staff, etc.) in the stadium.


7.  Our focus shall be concentrated on providing total support to Inter Miami. Thus, anyone who is part of the Vice City 1896 shall not slander or spread misinformation, when speaking about any supporter group of "La Familia" and/or other team’s supporter groups.  In the event of a conflict, the issue shall be handled by the group leadership.


8. On any given game day, no one is allowed to steal any sort of gear from fans or supporters of Inter Miami or the opposing team’s supporters. We are not a gang, and thus, we do not condone any sort of gang-like behavior, as it is unbecoming.


9. As members of Vice City 1896, we will promote candor, camaraderie and will always welcome anyone wishing to join us to support Inter Miami CF.


Vice City 1896 is committed to bringing the NOISE; singing, chanting and cheering on Inter Miami but doing so in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable soccer experience for all guests in and around our the stadium, parking lots, travel buses and at Vice City affiliated events.


Those who fail to abide by the Vice City 1896 Code of Conduct, as determined by stadium management, may be ejected from the facility, subject to arrest, and/or banned from further events. Member disobedience will result in a loss of privileges and rights for the entire Supporters’ Section area and Vice City 1896.

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