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Vice City 1896 is the official hardcore supporters group of Inter Miami CF. Our aim is to create and spread passion throughout our communities and ultimately create an unparalleled environment in support of our local soccer team. 

In a city built around Latin culture, we strive to resemble a dynamic environment similar to what we grew up around in Latin American soccer stadiums. Vice City 1896 is revolutionizing what it means to be a fútbol fan in The US. We are bringing the community together to create a “family” that will represent the passion of Miami day in and day out. 

Vice City 1896 will create a game day atmosphere that will make stadiums shake and ultimately push our team to victory. By sticking to our Latin American roots, we will create a pulse around the MLS that has never been felt before in the US. We will represent the city we love with passion and we will hand down fútbol culture down to our children, just as our grandfathers and fathers handed down to us. 

Vice City 1896 hasta la muerte.

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